KN PharmaChain is an airfreight product especially tailor-made for the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. This product offers different and defined service levels in order to carry out any airfreight shipment of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.  It meets the industry's high quality demands regardless if it is general cargo or temperature-controlled transports.

For KN PharmaChain, we cooperate exclusively with selected partners. For example, airlines are subject to a special audit in order to ensure their pharmaceutical competence. In addition to the airfreight transports, we also provide individual packaging solutions, continuous monitoring and a Europe-wide network of GxP policy certified cold storages and transshipment locations.

Our Pharma airside warehouse in Luxembourg offers direct ramp access. Getting goods in and out as quick as we can in a temperature-controlled environment. That is our expertise!

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KN PharmaChain offers four distinct levels of service that cover general cargo, temperature controlled passive, and temperature controlled active shipments. Each of these service levels is supported by a product/lane specific standard operation procedure (SOP) that defines each milestone and the expected execution date. Visibility is provided by our KN Login application, enabling our customers to view not only the milestones but the temperature and voltage levels of an active package shipment at designated milestones.

Once we take control of a shipment, our global Care Team begins the monitoring process to ensure the shipments remain within the temperature requirements and that all expected milestones are achieved. This monitoring includes recording of active temperature controlled equipment and any proactive measures that are required such as, but not limited to, the addition of dry ice or the changing of batteries in the container.

In the unlikely event of a supply chain disruption (e.g. flight cancellation, delays, improper handling, etc.) contingency measures previously defined and outlined in the SOP are immediately executed to minimize any disruption within the supply chain, and/or temperature deviations. These contingencies can range from moving the shipment to another flight, re-icing, cool zone storage, etc. while automatically notifying all predefined stakeholders of the issue and explaining the action taken to resolve it.

Temperature-controlled storage

By means of so-called CoolZones we provide temperature-controlled storage and transshipment of pharmaceutical products in special pharmaceutical and healthcare CrossDocks. According to your shipment we offer solutions in different temperature zones, for example, from +2 to +8 degrees Celsius.

Temperature-controlled pre- and on-carriage

Due to our own fleet of temperature-regulated trucks as well as support from our carefully selected and qualified subcontractors, Kuehne + Nagel is able to organize also the pre-and on-carriage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare products to the major international airports in Europe.

Temperature-controlled airfreight

In close cooperation with our partner airlines we have developed a range of solutions for temperature-controlled transports. Worldwide, Kuehne + Nagel is the first qualified Envirotainer partner (QEP) for active, temperature-controlled airfreight transports and disposes of the largest number of QEP certified locations among all forwarding companies.