Shipping goods from and to China?

It has never been easier to ship to or from China. Check prices online – sea and rail.

  • Instant LCL online quotes (sea freight and rail freight) at any time, wherever you are
  • Not ready to book yet? Save your quotation and book later; quotations are valid for 30 days
  • Convenient booking process in just a few steps with built-in address book available
  • Full visibility throughout the transit time via our state-of-the-art tracking system
  • Possibility to easily share quotes, bookings and addresses with your colleagues
  • Now also available - ability to quote and book cargo with special requirements

Rail might be your alternative solution to shorten transit time while keeping cost in balance. Take a closer look.

  • Speed up your supply chain with transit times of 14 to 18 days terminal to terminal
  • Increase your planning reliability with stable rail prices and dependable weekly schedules
  • Benefit from the expertise of dedicated operations teams at origin and destination for a smooth handling which also includes a door-to-door rail waybill